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Every Successful Well-known Brand Is Using These Mind-Blowing Tactics

Many people think that the brands we know and love have succeeded by delivering high-quality service and great products. Although this may be true, other powerful factors are at play and are the real driving force behind their success. These factors remain mysteriously unknown to the general public. They are like secret, magic tricks that have a potent effect on the unsuspecting customer. Yet big companies have been knowingly using these spellbinding tactics for many years. Employing these methods has allowed them to gain a large market share and command extraordinary profits. All while their competition fights over the scraps. If you want to create a brand that can thrive in this highly competitive market, it is time to arm yourself with these same weapons of influence.

    Branding For Profit Book Covers:

    Brand Fundamentals

    Understand the basics required to create a stand out brand. Leverage the tactics of other well-known brands.

    • What exactly is a brand
    • Why is a brand important
    • What makes some brands better than others
    • What colors a brand should use
    • Step by step guide to brand development
    • The psychology behind effective branding

    Marketing Techniques

    Example strategies used by big brands to dominate their industry. Use the same techniques to captivate and influence your audience.

    • Why marketing is so crucial for a brand
    • Marketing used by the best brands
    • Marketing stratagies for smaller brands
    • How to use marketing to grow brand awareness
    • Great marketing for strong brand reputation
    • How to leverage social media for branding
    • Marketing that influences customers to buy

    Branding How-To

    A step by step guide to create a successful brand from scratch. On on a tight budget? These steps are inexpensive yet powerful

    • How to build a brand from scratch
    • How to avoid common branding mistakes
    • How to generate ideas for a brand name
    • How to create your logo
    • Tools to design your brand
    • How to use story to enhance your brand
    • How to grow your brand
    • How to protect your brand
    • How to create your brand on a budget

    "It’s simply the best guide to branding for early stage entrepreneurs."

    Full Chapter Overview

    The fundamental building blocks of a great brand exposed.

    Chapter 1

    Why Some Brands Drive Greater Profits Than Others.

    Ever wanted to know why some brands out perform others? The main reason is revealed in this chapter.

    Chapter 2

    Motivational forces that cause people to buy from brands.

    There are forces at play that brands tap into to influence your buying decisions. Find out what they are here.

    Chapter 3

    Your Brand And Marketing.

    Learn the importance of marketing and marketing fundamentals needed to brand correctly.

    Chapter 4

    Secrets Of A Good Brand.

    The hidden gems that brands use to blow away their competition. Revealed here in this chapter.

    Chapter 5

    Techniques For Extraordinary Branding.

    Taking advantage of these methods have allowed brands to create huge gains. Find out what they are and use them for yourself.

    Chapter 6

    Naming Your Brand For Maximum Impact.

    By learning these strategies you will avoid the commom mistakes made when creating a brand.

    Chapter 7

    How To Create The Low Cost High Profit Brand.

    On a budget? This chapter gives you a step by step guide to create a low cost brand that still has a powerful impact.

    Why a book on branding?

    This book is for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Marketing managers, Startups, Small Businesses and anyone else who wants to grow their business exponentially

    1. Tricks you have never heard of

      They don’t teach this stuff in schools. Usually trial and error teaches you what works best. It doesn’t have to be your error, however.

    2. Proven Strategies that deliver results

      It is working for the well-known brands and it’s working for successful startups. Do you want to be left out?

    3. Rapidly execute ideas

      A quick and easy blueprint to create an outstanding brand. All the details inside.

    Successful Brands In Focus

    In this series we focus on some of the most prominent brands in the world. Starting with the ruby jewel in the crown - Virgin.

    About The Author Andre Barrett

    About The Author Andre Barrett

    - Software Startup Coach, Entrepreneur, Investor

    Are you tired of not being heard? Are you fed up with your ideas being discarded as if not useful? Do you feel annoyed that your true potential is never seen and that people just don’t take you seriously? These are the signs of an early-stage entrepreneur. A select few people feel this way, and it’s entirely normal for someone who is gifted. The problem is what to do about it?

    Like many other entrepreneurs, Andre heard his calling. He wanted to make a difference in the world. He wanted to impact lives. The issue was, at the time he initially felt like this, he simply wasn’t prepared. School had not taught him how to separate a good idea from a bad one. At university, his talent for problem-solving wasn’t nurtured. And throughout his professional career as a Software Engineer, no one had shown him how to take his amazing development skills, passion, and sense of purpose and turn it into something that could touch people’s hearts.

    Instead, his failures taught him how. His commitment to succeed despite any setback gave him the preparation needed to be a great entrepreneur. Along the way, he found brilliant mentors and business coaches to guide him. He read countless books on marketing, finance, investing, mindset, and entrepreneurship. The golden nuggets of wisdom picked up along his journey have allowed him to live the life he truly wanted, running many successful business enterprises in property, fitness, software development, health care, and business coaching. All of this he manages from his home in London, England.

    As an entrepreneur, investor, and business coach, Andre has mastered the principles required to create success for himself and whoever else desires it. A true entrepreneur knows the call. If this is you, the only thing left is to recognize what you need to break through to the life you are designed for. Find the what, the who, and the how that will make you succeed, then stop at nothing while you push forward to fulfilling your true potential.

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